As well as selling to the consumer, we also deal with retail and wholesale enquiries, supplying coffee to cafés, hotels and other venues throughout the UK. Interested in stocking our 1849 Signature Blend? Please contact to talk to one of our representatives or phone 020 7729 4411.

Equipment, furniture and fixtures for sale

Following the closure of our 2 EXCEL sites we have all the equipment furniture and fixtures to sell. Anyone starting a new coffee shop might find this interesting e.g. 100 Chairs, indoor tables, outdoor tables. Granite Poser &  similar low level tables. SOTA Oven and Blue seal fan oven, orange juice squeezers, Mirage espresso machines. Piaggio mobile espresso bar & much more inc a Galaxy self play grand Piano. If you are interested and wish to find out more, please contact or phone 020 7729 4411.

Espresso machine on loan

Andronicas are able to supply both 2 and 3 group espresso machines on a rental basis for minimum period of 1 year (these machines are fully factory reconditioned).

If you are interested please contact or phone
020 7729 4411.

Other equipments available at Andronicas

Spirit - Kees van der Westen 

Standard Features :
    • exposed groups with large dimension neck between boiler and group head, to ensure fully developing heat circulation
    • digital shot timers, installed directly above each group
    • coffee boiler and group in high grade 316L stainless steel, welded both at inside and outside to give smooth surfaces
    • large high capacity steam boiler with one heat-exchanger per coffee boiler to pre-heat water going towards each coffee boiler,enlarging capacity and stability even more
    • one independent PID temperature controller on each coffee boiler, with display directly under each group, barista monitors real life temperature
    • fully saturated, self-bleeding groups, equipped with stainless steel solenoid valves
...and more. Detail can also be found here at Kees van der Western.
Interested? Contact us by email or phone 020 7729 4411.





Introducing the Novoroaster, an in-store roaster that is compact and simple to operate. The roaster can take quantities from 300g to 1200g per roasting, with the touch panel enabling you to compose and save various roasting programs, and includes features such as USB connectivity which enables you to transfer roasting programs between devices. The roasting experience is very customer orientated, as the customer can watch the coffee be roasted through the glass panels.

Andronicas Novoroaster Promotional Leaflet
Novoroaster Technical Specification

Andronicas are an official partner in the Novoroaster network and exclusive stockist in the United Kingdom. 

Interested in the Novoroaster? Contact us by email or phone 020 7729 4411.



Sielaff Coffee Machine

Make the best espresso at the touch of a button, whether you are a hotel, restaurant, office or bar. Andronicas world of coffee can help you serve the perfect latte or cappuccino from our freshly roasted signature blend coffee beans and fresh milk, at the touch of a button.

This stunning looking machine features German engineering, reliability is in built. No barista is required. Consistency is assured. Click here for the more details on the manufacturer of these machines.

Interested? Contact us by email or phone 020 7729 4411.

Find out more on Sielaff's official website.