Capsules - NEW! -

Explore the world of speciality coffee with our new capsule offer!

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Nespresso® compatible empty coffee capsules from Capsul'in® are available at Andronicas.

Fast and simple : fill Capsul'in® with any coffee you like, tamp lightly, apply adhesive foil seal, and then insert the capsule into the Nespresso®'s brew chamber.

Why choose us? Here are the reasons why:

Gives you freedom to choose your coffee

  • We have 50+ different coffees from exotic regions all over the world. View list of our coffees
  • We offer five different levels of custom roasting which will give you unlimited choices of tastes.

We freshly roast the coffee to order

  • Freshness is the key to delicate flavours released by the roasting process.
  • We buy, import, roast, grind precious beans and pride ourselves on maintaining absolute control
    over the quality and freshness of your cup of luxury coffee.

It's economical     

  • By choosing our signature blend, you can save up to almost 50% of
    what you would spend on filled capsules. 0.5kg coffee bag at £12 + 100 capsules at £10 
    = each capsules will cost only 22 pence.


Do you have a Nespresso® machine at home
or at office? If so below are the steps to take :

  1. Pick a box of Capsul'in® empty coffee capsules

  2. Pick any of our 0.5kg coffee bag you like, with grind level of "Fine Grind". 
    Feel free to explore your favourite coffee and roasting level. If you are not sure, try our 1849 Signature Blend, or any custom roast coffee with roast level of "Full City" to start with.

  3. You are are almost there! Please proceed to check out. 

  4. Follow the steps in the video below once the box arrives ... and enjoy!

 Capsules are provided by Capsul'in®.