Capsul'in® Empty Coffee Capsules - NEW! -


Fill your capsules with your favourite Andronicas' coffee!

  • Capsul'in® coffee capsule is compatible with all Nespresso® machines*
  • Each box comes with 100 empty capsules, 108 auto-adhesive aluminium lids and 1 capsule holder. (1 quantity = 1 box of 100 empty capsules)
  • Please choose 0.5kg coffee bag you like from our coffee list, and add to cart along with the product.  (0.5kg bag will fill about 100 capsules)

When you pick your coffee, please feel free to explore and find your own favourite coffee and roast level, but if you are not sure we would recommend 1849 Signature Blend or any custom roast coffee with "Full City" roast to start with.
Please choose "Fine Grind" for grind level.

View video on how to prepare the capsule.

*Please note that Capsul'in® is not compatible with Nespresso® professional machine and with build-in Nespresso® machine with capsule carousel like the Nespresso® Miele® CVA series.

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