Estate Selection - Colombia


Introducing the Estate Selection, our newest range featuring coffees sourced from lesser known estates and selectively picked to ensure that only the ripest cherries are harvested. Unlike their mass market equivalents, all coffees in the Estate Selection carry the Bird Friendly (SMBC) seal, certifying that it has come from farmers practising responsible soil conservation techniques and and ensuring that no pesticides or chemical fertilizers are used. The beans are sourced from shade-grown plantations, resulting in a slower, more measured growth with produces a denser, harder bean, qualities ideal for roasters due to the better quality cup they yield. This translates to high quality coffee that is pesticide free while also ensuring healthier environments for workers and their families.

We know that correct storage is critical for maintaining maximum flavour, so we send our Estate Selection vacuum packed in four individual 125g zip seal bags, ensuring your coffee remains fresh to the final cup.

This is the Colombian Finca La Cabana, a coffee with a bright acidity, a heavy body and rich in flavour.

Farm: La Cabana

Certifications: Organic, Rainforest Alliance, SMBC (Bird Friendly)

Process: Wet processed and dried at the farm's wet mill and patios

The Bird Friendly seal assures this coffee is both certified organic and certified shade—produced beneath a diverse canopy that provides quality habitat for birds and other wildlife. The science-based criteria developed by Smithsonian Institution researchers create the “gold standard” for this third-party certified, shade-grown coffee. Be Certain. Buy Certified.TM


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